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    One other common problem I am hearing a lot about is pinging or pre-detonation.  Most remaps are curing this issue so it is probably a mapping issue also.  Of course many dealers are telling customers that they can't hear it while the customer is there and can hear it themselves.  This is another obvious state of denial like them telling folks that their bikes are not running any hotter than normal or that their transmissions are not making any unusual sounds.  Shame on the MoCo and their dealers!

I suppose I'm fortunate that I don't have some of the problems mentioned on your web site, I do, however, have a different problem. The starter on my Road King was noisy from the first day I took it from the dealer, and was told there was a bulletin from the Motor Company and even given a copy of it. I went to the dealer twice with it but couldn;t exactly duplicate the noise, and was told in any event it wouldn;t cause any damage. With this in mind I happily set out for Daytona and BikeToberFest. Bike ran fine, a did feel a little more heat than my '05 but nothing really objectionable, of course it rained most of the way down so that helped,and at idle the motor seemed to "hunt" revs going up and down over 150 RPM's or so, no noises in the tranny, FLHP-I's are 103 CI so it had plenty of balls. My fun started on the way home starter noise got increasingly worse and finally, in Fredericksburg Va., the starter quit and wouldn't engage, fortunately I was traveling with my friend and his Honda VTX, he went and purchased a nylon tow rope at an auto parts store, hooked it onto his seat, wrapped it around the front crash bar, got up to about 30 mph slipped the clutch and the RK started. Couldn't shut it off for the next 350 miles but at least I got home. It's over at the dealer now, apparently it stripped all the teeth off the ring gear (on the clutch shell) and the starter clutch, the dealer called Harley and said they had at least one other do the same thing (another FLHP-I) maybe this is just a problem with the 103's but I have to believe that the SE's with 103' and 110 motors will do the same although I hope not. I have been riding for 51 years, started out on '47 Knucklehead, so I'm not exactly a newby, my '05 has 33,000 miles on it and my '02 had 48,000 on it when I sold it. I also have 2 flatside shovelheads and a '74 Sportster, and worked for dealers back in the 60's and 70's. To be fair to the Motor Company when Harley came out with the electric starter in '65 (pre AMF) I replaced every starter clutch at least once and sometimes 3 or 4 times and this was when Harley only waranteed parts, no labor, the dealer had to pick up that, so at least we're making progress. Feel free to edit this if you want to use it, use my e-mail address or not up to you, but don't use my name.
BYW, I have a Power Commander off my '05 which is the same as used on the '07, however Dynojet won't sell the O2 eliminators separate, so if I want to use the PC I'll have to buy the whole package again (sucks huh?) In any event they don't have any MAPS for the 103 motors yet.
E. - New York

Here is the follow-up to the previous letter...


In case you were wondering about that starter issue I had. The dealer replaced;

The entire clutch pack (Hub, shell and steel plates)
Clutch spring (SE 'cause it's a 103)
Starter clutch gear
Gaskets (of course)
The parts retailed for about $750 to $800, a couple of the parts were on back order and he had the bike for about 2 weeks. Stripped about 10 teeth off the clutch shell and seriously damaged the starter clutch, don't know why they replaced the spring. Seems fine now, just has that "starter knock" that was described in the service bulletin.
E. (NY)


     I started a post on Harley the talk site. It appears I'm not remotely the only one with these issues. I thought I would just pass a long two portions of my post to the tech board. I have not had time to bring it back in so they can try to find out why it pings....( they said they couldn't make it ping) . Well I can't make it ping either when it's cold. As soon as you're at operating temp, you can roll the throttle at 3k rpm and she pings like crazy. I don't think I should have to buy an aftermarket device to make my stock out of the box ultra run correctly. I have read where some guys have found the rear O2 sensor was "bad". I havent figured out how to tell if it's "bad" or not......Here are my posts...........

     Anyone else having trouble with their 07 pinging? I have an 07 Ultra and it pings pretty much in any gear at any rpm. I mentioned it to the dealer, and right away he starts asking am I using 91 octane.......I promptly told him that this wasn't my first picnic...I probably been riding longer than he's been alive...anyway I don't think a brand new motorcycle should ping.....Do you think this is just a download to richen it up some? I'm bringing it in Thursday for it to be repaired. Also, I'm going to do my own 5k inspection.....I know this has been asked before, but seeing I have this pinging problem and a few other issues, I'm wondering if I should just have them do it. I hate paying all that money for a freaking oil change. I don't believe that they check everything that the book says.....Heck, they didn't even adjust my clutch cable t the 1k check, had to do it myself. Sorry for rambling........

     Wow, this post went way further than I thought it would. I brought mine back to the dealer, left it for a week only to go back and have the whole " what kind of gas are you running" line of questioning.... I've been riding motorcycles longer than this idiot has been alive. Anyway they told me that they couldn't get it to ping. said they put it on the dyno with the sniffer in the pipe and claim the AFR is fine. I was pissed. On my 25+ mile ride home and after the bike was at operating temp, I could roll the throttle at 3k rpm in any gear and have it pinging like a Chevy Vega. I already told him that he is getting the bike back again and again until they get it right.....if not .....the lemon law. Glad I kept my 97. In all fairness, I love riding this bike, it rides great!! Just wish it wouldn't ping. Well see........

F. H.



I was directed to your Website about your 2007 HD pinging problems.  I too had horrible pinging and the MoCo would do nothing for me despite taking my bike to no less than 5 different dealers. 

I'm wondering if you've heard anything from the MoCo on this.  I've written two letters and have not received any response at all.

If they finally decide to fix this issue I don't want to be left in the cold.  I have 5000 miles on the bike now and I'm sure some damage has been done by the excessive pinging.

Please let me know.



     Seen your email on MSNs Harley talk and would be interested on your plans, what you have found out. I too am going threw all this w/H-Ds C/S my ex dealer etc.  I have had my bike since September 1st and have had the detonation often referred to as clatter noise since after first tank of gas. Factory rep has rode my bike and said it was normal, he dynoed another showroom bike and it did the same.My dealer heard this noise the one time we dynoed it for this sound and wouldnt back me w/rep. These bikes have more than one thing causing this noise and fueling upgrades do help alot.A PC111 that eliminates the o2 sensors does wonders but my bike still has top end noise if bike is hot. Outside temps have no effect on this noise,the bike has to be hot and it will do it.

   The MOCO is buying time on this one trying not to hurt sales.Had a factory tech acknowledge thatthey are aware of the noise but are still scratching their heads. H-Ds C/S will tell you the opposite. I am currently in contact w/PA's Attorney General over this and its a slow process. The Factory is denying everything. I had a problem early on w/dealer even putting my complaints on the work sheet, another trick they are doing.

      Some dealers are installing 103 inch maps in the 96 motor w/mixed results and the factory isn't backing this move. I have contacted every M/C magazine about my treatment and the way some of these new bikes are and have had replies early on from them but I think the MOCO leaned on them as well. After the one editor forwarded my email to them he has clamed up. I have filed complaints w/attorney general, Nhtsa, BBB etc with no or little action as of yet. An EPA complaint may just do it. A dealers got nailed w/using SERT on the 07s and all dealers in other states are using them. One HD dealership found a defective engine case causing the knock noise and the MOCO quickly took it back before dealership could see for themselves. A class action suit may need to be done here. The cam BRG saga a few years back went this way. HD denied the flaw till the very end. Good luck expect a lot of slammed doors.



Hi I also have the 07my problem is same as yours to but also  does not run smooth and a few times it kills all by it self sometimes at idel at a stop sighn  and sometimes it has happen as I was taking a corner.I rode my friends new one the other day and his runs a lot smoother then mine. the dealer say thats the way they run.


On the way home from the dealer the rubber from the front footrest came apart from the footrest.  I got home and fixed it only to have it keep coming apart.  While washing the bike I noticed that screws were not fully screwed in and the passenger pegs would not stay in the upright position.  The bike must have been made on a Friday and the guys on the assembly line were in a hurry to go home.

So, on the first oil change I told them to fix the stuff and they did.  Just last week I noticed the trim coming apart around the speedometer.

This is my first Harley and although I love it I am very very disappointed with the quality.  This is not what I expected.



Now this is REALLY weird!  In September of 2006 I purchased a brand new 2007 HD FLHT Electraglide .  I love it.  I just turned over 1700 very enjoyable miles on my fine black steed when suddenly, what's this, a strange noise and vibration!!!???  Let me explain further.

My experiences with HD and other motorcycles are extensive.  I am a retired Phoenix Police Department motor rider.  I rode 17 years for the police department operating Harley's, Moto Guzzi's, and Kawasaki's.  I even attained the position of motorcycle instructor.  In fact, my very first city HD was an old 45 tank shifter.  I have spent 45 of my 57 years of life riding motorcycles. 
Today I was sitting on my fine machine waiting to turn right at an intersection when suddenly the motorcycle developed a grinding noise and started a highly unusual vibration.  I immediately turned the HD off by hitting the kill switch.  When I turned on the kill switch the bike started.  No waiting for the FI to build.  No pushing the starter button.  No nothing.  It just started.  I turned the bike off at the tank switch but I did not turn off the kill switch.  When I turned the tank switch back to on it started again.  No waiting for the FI.  No pushing the starter button.  I could hear the slight grinding and feel the strange vibration but I decided to clear the intersection and see if I could milk the bike the one mile home.  Now here's where it gets REALLY, REALLY weird. As I proceeded home I discovered that when I fully squeezed the clutch lever to shift gears the starter motor engaged!!  I quickly learned that if I did not fully squeeze the clutch lever but only put 1/2 pressure I could shift the bike to get it home and the starter would not engage.  When I reached home I found that finding neutral was very hard.  The shifter kept skipping over it.  It was also very hard shifting.  I determined that the grinding noise is the starter gear partially being engaged.
I called the dealership from where I purchased the motorcycle and they said they could not pick it up for 2 days.  They have too much work.  I spoke with the service manager and he has never heard of such a thing happening to a Harley Davidson.  I got the distinct impression that he thinks I'm a little nuts.  If I am this nut just gave them $24,000 for this motorcycle and this nut wants it fixed!
Nothing more I can add at this time.  If you like I can keep you posted as to the findings.
Phoenix, AZ       

   Here is a follow up to the last letter....

Chester's Harley Davidson in Mesa, AZ had my bike for about 30 hours.  They said the problem was a faulty starter button.  I got it back and it seems to be performing super.  I have a 2007 FLHT Electraglide.  I am very pleased with the dealership and the bike accept for the one starter button problem.  I have no problems with 5th gear as others on your site have.  So far, so good.  I will say of all the touring bikes I've owned so far this H-D has been the best.

   The tendency for the dealers to keep telling old school scooter trash that there is nothing wrong with their bike when the customer knows that there is seems so goofy that it escapes my comprehension.  The MoCo and the dealers are alienating many of their multiple repeat customers.  That is going to come back to haunt them before it is over.  Keep the feedback coming and I'll keep posting all of the information that comes my way.  Once again; if you have something to add, good or bad, email me at biners@crowderinc.com


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